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We believe blockchain protocols will transform the global economy for centuries to come

Secure & Trustworthy

We utilize industry standard cold storage techniques and work directly with the industry's leading over the counter liquidity providers

Growth Opportunity

The adoption of blockchain technology by global industries is in its nascency and we are ideally positioned to capitalize on its proliferation


Our portfolio strategy mitigates risk by strategically accessing thousands of crypto-pairings and dynamically rebalancing our positions


Our robust balance sheet and deep relationships with liquidity providers allow us to trade our markets 24/7 - a necessity for capitalizing on opportunities that may arise at any time


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”

Select cryptoassets will capture significant market share as the entire sector continues to grow. As these assets present themselves as likely leaders, we will be prepared to capitalize on the opportunity to generate significant returns for the portfolio.

In order to quantify the potential valuations of the most utilized cryptoassets, the XVCM Framework was developed to analyze and compare assets based on their product’s fundamentals, development team, network effect, and financial metrics.


Managing Director

Justin Deutsch

As the Managing Director of XV Cryptoasset Management, Justin is responsible for all investment decisions, asset maintenance, and fundraising.

Prior to launching XV Cryptoasset Management, Justin graduated with honors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for his studies in the Finance and Computer Science fields. Post graduation, Justin joined Belvedere Trading as a derivatives trader, leveraging his tech background to lead his cohort. His focuses at Belvedere Trading were in the index and soft commodity spaces.

However, his passion for revolutionary concepts led him away from traditional capital markets and toward the technology that will be the foundation for our next economic revolution: Decentralized Blockchains. After spending substantial time researching and profitably trading cryptoassets, he launched XV Cryptoasset Management. XV Cryptoasset Management is a platform to raise awareness for the cryptosphere amongst his peers, while presenting an opportunity for both extreme potential growth and risk mitigating diversification in their personal portfolios.

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